Two for the Price of One

I have updated things again at my old blog, which is actually my current blog: Morning Fog

But I am going to keep this one, I think, and use it as a workout/fitness log kind of blog. Most appropriate name, since I tend to workout FEVERISHLY and AS IF MY VERY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT during the Summers.

So as my first entry in that genre, I will note that in the month since school let out, I have lost 10 pounds, I have gotten my butt to the gym every-other-day (give or take), and I am swimming laps in the backyard as often as I can…a couple of days per week probably. I am walking more, stretching more, and eating better.

Maybe I have finally figured out that Summer Fever means exercising and eating right. I hope I never find the cure.Yeah…not doing all that…